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 Hi girlies! 123Glamma here, and here are some tips for doing a good job in Reading!


1. Read thoroughly. Don’t rush! Go through every word and read slowly and clearly.

2. Keep yourself busy. Don’t be reading and watching Tv or playing Club Penguin at the same time! Always keep yourself focused!

3. Make up a song or poem to remember information. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it would really help. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, remember on Hannah Montana when Miley made up a song for biology? Yeah, like that!

4. Read the information before going to bed. Study before bed, it will keep your brain fresh and smart!

5. Stay relaxed! Take a deep breath before taking the test. It will calm you down, and you’ll probably get a good grade on the test!



 Hi girlz! Guess what? We will now have learning resources for Math, Reading, Science (puberty and stuff), and writing. Hope you girlies enjoy!!



 Hi Girlz! I have a YouTube channel, and there are some vids I made. The gem princesses, is a Tokyo Mew Mewn Fanime. The girls only webshow is just 4 fun! 🙂


 Hi girls! My name is Helene, but you can call me 123Glamma. At everydayfungirlz.wordpress.com, we recognize all types of girls! We will have a club, called, The Everyday Fun Girlz. If you wanna join just leave a comment.

     There are many types of girlz. Sporty, artsy, girly, preppy/smart, movie freak, or just make your own!

   Have fun!!!!! 😀

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